Custom Snack Vending to Your Needs

 We offer a variety of Lays products as well as candy, cookies, and customized selections as wellAvailable Snack Standards*

  • All Lays chips
  • Austin crackers
  • Variety of cookies
  • All Boulder chips
  • Candy
  • Hostess pastries

*We can also customize items to your choice. We do also offer a variety of healthy choices, call 720-934-7381 for more information.

HR 23HR-23
Our HR-23 snack vending machine gives you more options with it's 23 selection capacity. More choices means more satisfied customers for a larger location.

Height: 72" (183 cm)
Width: 29 5/16" (74 cm)
Depth: 34 1/8" (87cm)
Shipping Weight: 445 lbs. (202 kg) Electrical Requirements: 115 VAC, 1.2 Amps (230 VAC, .6 Amps)
Selections: 23 Items
Standard Capacity: 384 Items (Depending upon tray configuration)


Larger Capacity Snack Vending for larger or higher traffic offices from Mountain & Plains VendingHR-40
One of the largest snack capacity available. This snack food vending machine is perfect for high traffic, larger locations. The ultimate snack food vender for maximum customer satisfaction.

Height: 72" (183 cm)
Width: 41" (104cm)
Depth: 34 1/8" (87cm)
Shipping Weight: 628 Lbs. (284.9 kg)
Electrical Requirements: 115 VAC, 1.2 Amps (230 VAC, .6 Amps)
Selections: 40 Items
Standard Capacity: 630 Items (Capacity vary with tray configuration)

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